Perivale Community Hive

A Community Managed Library and Hub


About Perivale Community Hive


Some background information

Due to government funding cuts, Ealing council proposed and consulted on significant changes to the library services in the borough through 2019. This resulting in the council requesting groups to come forward with proposals to transfer a number of the libraries they were looking to close, into community managed libraries. Groups of residents across the borough who didn’t want to see their local libraries closed, submitted plans to the council - the ‘Perivale Hive’ group being one of them. In order to to awarded ‘community managed status’, Perivale Hive had to establish itself as a recognised organisation (charity) and develop a business plan convincing Ealing council of the value we could bring. 5 libraries in the borough are now ‘community managed’, Perivale being one of them


Ealing Council will remain responsible for the library service, stock management, providing access to the network through issuing library cards and dealing with any borrowing requests or issues. Perivale Community Hive have been given a six year lease for the building and will be responsible for the day to day running of the library and any additional services the community desires from 1st April!​ We have received some initial funding but it will be our responsibility to make ‘Perivale Hive’ financially sustainable.


With your help, Perivale will continue to have a library service and the exciting opportunity to enhance this service and tailor it to suit the needs and interests of our community!


Our Trustees

Patryk Starzykowski

Patryk Starzykowski

Perivale Community Hive - Chair of Board of Trustees


Originally from Poland, lived in numerous other countries before deciding to call Perivale, a leafy area of West London borough of Ealing, a home.


Studied BA in Fine Art at Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais in Switzerland, Prince 2 Project Management in the UK and User Experience Design with Interaction Foundation.


Determined and dynamic problem solver with a solid skill-set gained through 15 years of experience working for diverse companies including sectors of hospitality, corporate healthcare and communications. Exhibition curator, an event and hotel manager, and operations manager for a large multinational healthcare company.


An artist and passionate about community work, sustainability and biodesign. Speaks fluently 3 languages and has a proven record of delivering communication plans and designs. He’s a founder of Mother Matter Research House- an art and speculative design studio exploring art, design, sustainability and community interactions.

Alannah McGovern

Alannah McGovern


Brought up in Perivale, I attended school in Perivale and Greenford. I especially made use of Perivale library after school when I was younger and have got involved in the library's preservation as I want other residents to enjoy the local service as I have.


I went to universty in Norwich, studying politics, literature and culture. It was in the small city of Norwich that my understanding of the importance of community grew. I hope to apply these lessons by supporting the infrastructure needed to enable the community of Perivale.


I am currently working for a community interest company, PRSB, developing standards for the content of health and social care records for safer, more joined up care.


I am also very involved in the local branch of the national food waste charity Foodcycle. We cook and serve a weekly three course meal, from food that would have otherwise been wasted, free for the entire community. This project helps tackle hunger, isolation, food waste and loneliness. Similarly, we envisage the multi-purpose CML assisting with a number of social issues.

Alex Nieora

Alex Nieora


12 years legal support experience in both the private and public sectors.


11 years experience running a residential estate management company maintaining and managing a 230-unit site located directly opposite Perivale Library.


Co-founded the Perivale Festivals Committee in 2013, a resident led group that has organised annual events in Perivale attended by thousands of people.


Previous committee positions and legal work for local groups including the Selborne Society who own and maintain Perivale Wood and Perivale Residents’ Association Sports and Social Club.


Experience with local campaign work ranging from successfully challenging the original HS2 overground route through LB Ealing, to successfully challenging business rates paid by local shopkeepers.

Derick Kaizilege

Derick Kaizilege

Local Resident – Treasurer


I am currently contracted to an international organisation (The International Coffee Organisation) as a Consultant – Finance and Administration. Additionally, I am an ACCA student and an Undergraduate reading Accounting and Finance at Durham University, expecting to graduate in 2021.


My family’s relocation into the Perivale area, from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, at the beginning of May 2019 brought my association with the area. The demands of my educational pursuits meant that Perivale Library would be one of the most essential components of my studies. I joined with Perivale Community Hive’s team in October 2019 to contribute to the proposed CML model as I believe total closure of this site would not only impact my family and I, but many within the local and wider community.


If you would like to get in touch to discuss how to also get involved or a general chat about what we do, please do not hesitate to reach to me on: and I would happy to hear from you.

Iwona Jakubowska

Iwona Jakubowska


I moved to Perivale in 1999. Coming from a small village in Poland, I grew up around a strong sense of community. In London it is very easy to feel isolated and a place like Perivale Library could give people a greater sense of belonging.


For over 20 years I have been running a small business from home. I interact daily with people and hear about the damaging effects of loneliness which is increasing in our society. I am also a mother of two, grown-up children. That is why, I would like to dedicate my spare time to the Perivale community.


I am passionate about a natural way of living (health/beauty) and helping others. I would like to be a part of a community that is not virtual but one where people can interact with each other face-to-face. For me, the library is essential in providing that space. Where members of the public can come talk to someone, read a book or simply have a cup of tea.


I believe that to have a healthy life, you need a healthy community. Therefore, I am determined to help keep our library open and running for a brighter future.